The ICEC23-ICMC2010 Local Organizing Committee and Creator Ltd. would like to invite you to visit a cryochamber dedicated for health and fitness restoring. On Wednesday, July 21st, in the evening we will take you for a small party to the Wroclaw University School of Physical Education. You will have a chance to enter the most advanced cryochamber commonly used by sportsmen. Then you will check how great your body feels after spending a few minutes at very low temperature condition.

The cryochamber consists of two rooms, a vestibule and main cabin. Before entering, you will be provided a T-shirt and shorts, as well as protections for your feet, ears, mouth and nose. Additionally you will be instructed and advised by the trained personnel of Creator Ltd. The vestibule is a transitional room where temperature level is of about 210 K (- 60°C). It is a place where you can get used to much more extreme thermal conditions. After about 30 seconds spent in the vestibule you will proceed into the main cabin where the temperature is between 150 K (-120°C) and 110 K (- 160°C). One session of the whole body cryotherapy last no more than 3 minutes.

We are sure, you are going to love it!


The visit inside the cryochamber is not recommended for people who suffer from hypertension, cold urticarid, claustrophobia, Raynaud’s disease, heart, lungs and thyroid gland diseases. All participants entering to the cryochamber will be examined by our doctor.
If you have any doubts  please contact your doctor.