Instruction for Abstract Preparation


Authors are requested to prepare their abstracts exactly in accordance with the instructions given below. This will ensure that abstracts received from different authors are consistent in style and format. Authors are urged to write concisely.


Use A4 format (210 x 297mm) and margins: top – 13,5mm, bottom – 13,5mm, left – 15mm, right – 15mm. Do not type outside defined area and do not leave extra margins. The text should be edited in 12-point Times New Roman. If Times New Roman is not available, a font similar to Times New Roman should be used.

Format / Layout

Abstract should be arranged in the following order:
1. Title
Leave three lines of space from the top, then type the paper title in initial capital letters only, without indentation. Make the title bold.
2. Author's Name
Leave one line of space after the title, and then type the author's full name with initial capitals only. Author's initials are typed after their names.
3. Author’s Address
Leave one line of space, and then type the author's address in upper and lower case. Please include the full postal address. If authors have different addresses, please use an asterisk, or similar symbol, to indicate which authors are at which address. Please start each address on a new line.
4. Text
Indent (8.5 mm) the text at the beginning of each new paragraph. Do not leave a blank line between paragraphs. The text should be justified.
Maximum length allowed: 400 words.

Suggested Abstract Category

Give suggested Abstract Category.

Suggested Paper Presentation

Give suggested Paper Presentation: poster or oral.

Online Registration and abstract submission

Participants and contributors are requested to create theirs account and complete formal registration procedure via an online Conference System.

Authors can submit contributions (preliminary and final full papers) and manage your submitted contributions using the online Conference System too.