Manuscript Preparation Guidelines

General Information

All manuscripts will be peer-reviewed and published on the conference proceedings. All the presenters (plenary, contributed oral, and poster) are kindly encouraged to submit their manuscripts via online conference system on Deadline for full paper submission is the 20th of July 2010. Papers will not be accepted after this deadline.

Manuscript Preparation

Authors are strongly requested to prepare their manuscripts exactly in accordance to the instructions found in the ICEC23-ICMC2010 Template below. Please do not use other templates to prepare your manuscript. Manuscripts not written in proper format are very likely to be rejected.

Click here to download the ICEC23-ICMC2010 Template (doc)
Click here to download the ICEC23-ICMC2010 Manuscript Preparation Guidelines (pdf)

Figures and tables must be inserted in the text as close as possible to their first mention in the text. Full text including figures, tables and references is limited to 6 pages for a contributed paper (oral and poster) and 8 pages for a plenary paper.


The papers must be submitted in WORD 2003 format via online conference system on Manuscripts that do not have a corresponding conference presentation will not be considered for publication. If you have any questions regarding manuscript preparation or submission, you may contact Local Organizing Committee at

Requirements on novelty

Every paper shall contain a reasonable part of novel information and results. Only papers not published before are acceptable for the conference. It is presumed, that the content is based on the authors' own participation at the work described.


Any kind of direct advertisement is not allowed in the text. This includes using logos except for the case when normally placed on products in the photos, using praiseful adjectives with companies or products instead of reasoning by facts and data. Any recommendation of preference of a company or product exceeding the needs of description of the work results. Comparisons, indicating other company names and product/service parameters are not recommended. Brand names of products should be used in reasonable extent as required by the logic of the text, not repeated excessively. Company names shall not be part of the paper title. It is part of the author’s address, so it is presumed, that the work published is result of the company activity, if not otherwise highlighted. Company names can be used for referencing results, where it would not be obvious.


For presentation slides, institution/company logos are acceptable on the front page, in templates of slides and in possible acknowledgments. They are acceptable on photographs, where logos are part of the product.