Technical Excursions

On Friday, the 23rd of July the ICEC23-ICMC2010 offers you two fascinating technical excursions.

Krio Odolanow

A hundred kilometres to the north-east of Wroclaw there is KRIO Odolanów, the branch of Polish Oil and Gas Company, which operates the only installation in Europe for helium recovery from natural gas. The technology utilized in KRIO Odolanów is based on cryogenic processes and its two main products are liquid helium and liquefied natural gas. During the excursion you will have a chance to visit the installation with a guide as well as attend to a presentation concerning Polish Oil and Gas Company technologies.

Air Separation Plant in Kedzierzyn

Air Separation Plant in Kedzierzyn is located one hundred and fifty kilometres to the south-east of Wroclaw. The plant was constructed and launched by BOC in 1999 and after the takeover in 2007 the plant is operated by Air Products. In 2009 the facility was extended to increase its manufacturing capacity of liquefied gas to 800 tons a day. Currently the plant is the biggest and the most modern liquid gas production facility in Poland. It is characterized not only by high liquefaction capacity but also by very high purities of produced gases. Additionally the innovative technology enables to control the system remotely from the operation center in Czestochowa. The excursion will include both the presentation about technologies applied by Air Products and the visit to the air separation facility.